i'm a digital experience director based in chicago.

nice to meet you.


what i do

i collaborate. first and foremost. this helps to gather ideas from a bunch of diverse places. then my job is to gather all the ideas and pick ones that blow me away. but it’s not that simple…they have to be based on brand strategy. from there, i make sure the team is following user-centric design practices. if that all comes together, i know the project will be a success.


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who i am

but not in the existential sense. i am a user experience director at razorfish and i like to think that i bring a unique perspective to digital marketing and advertising. with more than 15 years of creative design and information architecture under my belt, i have worked in many areas of digital marketing and can make it all happen – at least when it comes to user interaction and visual design.

what i think

advertising is about telling a brand story through the use of visuals, audio and copy. add interactivity and that’s what sets digital apart. now with even more channels, such as mobile and social media, it all becomes very exciting with consumers engaged at a personal level.


photography has been a passion of mine since i was about 10 years old and first used my parents’ instamatic camera. since then, i have been shooting all kinds of photos in all kinds of places. and all on my own time, which makes it that much more enjoyable.


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