cheddar the greyhound

cheddar the greyhound
April 6, 2011 arturo

i remember the first time i saw him run – it was breathtaking. like a shooting red-orange flame against the cool blue water. i could have sworn he was outrunning his own shadow. as i stood there watching him that day, it made my heart pound. it was truly inspirational to see an animal move so fast and with such grace.

nine years later, we had to say our final goodbye to cheddar, but he will always be an inspiration to us. he never complained, he was always happy (except when we made him turn around to go home from a walk) and he just loved being alive.

it’s tough not having him around anymore – i’ll always miss that click-clack-click of his paws on our hardwood floor as he walked over asking to go out at night.

we couldn’t have asked for a better friend and companion.