ipad 2: one week later

ipad 2: one week later
March 19, 2011 arturo

never got the first ipad – i was too skeptical and decided i was going to wait for the second generation. i had played around with an original ipad that we had laying around the office, but it didn’t really get my attention.

now, after having had my next gen model for a week, i can’t put it down. it’s really a joy to use and beats my laptop in terms of fun factor by at least ten. the screen is crisp and clear, it’s fast and ipad apps are way better than their iphone counterparts. it’s also lighter and thinner than the original.

flipboard and garage band are two of my favs so far. flipboard is a content aggregator that can display pretty much anything on the web and puts into a nice magazine-style format. you can even get social media feeds that look far better than they do on the respective sites.

garage band is more fun on the ipad too. you can play instruments by tapping the screen. apple also included smart instruments that make it easy for anyone to create a decent sounding tune.

then there’s games. hd games look amazing on the ipad. infinity blade and hd racer match anything on playstation or xbox and run just as fast.

cameras, a faster processor and improved graphics make the ipad 2 a real laptop killer. and at $499 for the 16gb base model, the fun to dollar ratio is through the roof.

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