kid a

kid a
October 8, 2010 arturo

ten years ago last october 2nd, kid a was released by radiohead. on november 25th, the 33 1/3 book series from continuum will cover kid a. it will examine every track and recording session via interviews and insights form the people involved. should be a great read.

here’s a description from continuum books:
“radiohead’s kid a never had a chance on paper. not only did the band have the unenviable task of following up the near-universally lauded ok computer, but kid a didn’t even have an official single or video. neither did it help that the band largely abandoned rock-pop conventions for a sound that traversed glitch, free-jazz, modern composition, and krautrock.

rather than simply reinforcing kid a‘s canonical status, marvin lin situates the album in the temporal, examining it from various philosophical and cultural interpretations of time in order to arrive at its political and social stakes. why should we care how time is expressed through its aesthetic components like repetition, sampling, and hybridization? where does the album subvert our sense of time with songs like “treefingers”? in which ways does it attempt to transcend time and with what implications? time is perhaps art’s biggest enemy–all human creations will be erased eventually–but it’s through these various articulations that we are able to uncover some of the most interesting insights about kid a.”