electric avenue

electric avenue
October 18, 2010 arturo

an electric supercar? that’s what designer andrei avarvarii is proposing with his concept of the lamborghini minotauro. four separate motors power the car supplying 70% power to the rear axle and 30% to the front. and since there is no huge rear-mounted engine a third seat is added for that extra human or pet that can tag along on a sweet ride.

avarvarii is also softening the edges of the typically sharp-edged lamborghini design style, think reventon. he also says that there is a surprising feature for the launch of the minotauro:

“in 2020, with the acquisition of the new minotauro, the lamborghini owner will also get involved in a brand new experience called real life online gaming. in this scenario the lamborghini driver can race his car on a real racetrack (like the nurburgring). the gps data of his racing lap is uploaded into the playstation game network as a ghost. ps3 players from all over the world can race in virtual reality against the lamborghini owner and try to beat his best lap. this is the car enthusiasts’ social networking for the next decade.

sounds like a challenge.

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