rome burns

rome burns
September 27, 2010 arturo

it’s not nero watching rome burn this time, it’s the work of two artists, thyra hilden and pio diaz, who last weekend illuminated the colosseum with a suggestive play of light and projection.

prior to the colosseum, the two virtual pyromaniacs have ‘burned’ other famous monuments as part of their “city on fire” project – the copenhagen cathedral, the seoul museum of art and the trevi fountain. according to hilden and diaz, “creating the illusion of burning monuments is a necessary cultural evolution; destruction that is almost inevitable in order to lend a rebirth to the traditional european cultural identity.”

the symbolic flames were created by using video projectors and screens positioned between the arches. the project was funded by the italian ministry of cultural affairs and the superintendency of the archeological sites of rome. curators included gianni mercurio (art curator), christina clausen (director), rossella rea (the colosseum’s superintendent), and piero meogrossi (the colosseum’s technical director).

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