radiohead in milan

radiohead in milan
July 7, 2009 arturo

what can I say – radiohead in milan. what an experience!

lib and I got to hear the band practice as we walked through parco sempione where they were playing at the arena civica. it was great just hanging around to check out the scene with a few other radiohead fans. It was drizzling and grey, which just added to the atmosphere. as we walked back to the hotel to get ready, we were getting pretty excited about the show.

when we returned to the arena civica, the rain raelly started coming down. we took cover at one of the many food/beer trucks nearby and had a few Peronis with some kids that had come from england and the netherlands to see the show. then it started coming down in sheets and we were elbow to elbow with italians, germans and of course, brits who joined us trying to stay dry.once the rain let up a bit, we bought a couple of radiohead rain jackets they were happily selling at the souvenir stand. the jackets were worth every euro penny we paid. the concert was fantastic. the rain stopped just as the band started playing and i was getting updates form the italy-france soccer match from a guy one row back that was getting his friends to text him with news. perfect.

needless to say, radiohead rocked and we had a great time as we danced to the new songs off the in rainbows album as well as some classics. italy beat france just as the concert was ending and thom gave the crowd the final score update midway through an encore.



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